Israel delivers medical supplies to Cyprus

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Israel has sent medical supplies to Cyprus, including two innovative portable respirators for transporting patients and individual protective equipment for staff.

Israeli Ambassador Oren Anolik delivered them to Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas as part of the cooperation between Cyprus and Israel in public health issues.

The Minister of Health expressed his wish for the continuation of this collaboration to strengthen the health systems of both countries and the mutual benefit of the people.

A memorandum for the “Cross Transplants” program was signed between the two countries, allowing people to access a larger database of donors.

The collaboration between the Famagusta General, as the COVID-19 Reference Hospital, and the Intensive Care Unit of Nicosia General with the Sheba Medical Centre in Israel, is a product of the close ties achieved on public health issues.

Anolik praised the excellent collaboration with the Ministry of Health, calling it the essence of the partnership between the two countries.