Cyprus hotels enjoy best October

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Autumn has been kind for Cyprus coronavirus-stricken tourism sector, with hoteliers seeing more tourists in October than they did in the same month of 2019, which broke every record in the book.

Hotels are counting their lucky stars, as they report an almost 100% occupancy rate for October.

Tourism stakeholders attribute the increase in arrivals to the island’s air connectivity and school breaks in the UK.

In Paphos, the season was saved by a late influx of UK tourists – the island’s biggest market – in September and October.

Paphos hotels are reporting their units are filled with British tourists, leaving little to no room for locals.

Thanos Michaelides, chair of the Cyprus Hotel Association Paphos branch, told news website Stockwatch: “October was much better than September, with occupancy rates exceeding 80% due to the increased number of British tourists.

“Some hotels in the area are literally fully booked, leaving no beds available for the domestic market “.

Michaelides noted that October’s trend will keep hotels in the region going until mid-November.

Although not benefiting from the flow of British tourists, Ayia Napa hoteliers can’t complain as they too saw their occupancy rate reach 100% in October.

Owner of Nissi Blu in Ayia Napa George Tofinis told StockWatch their occupancy rate touched 100%, while indications for the first half of November are quite high.

Tsokkos Hotels CEO Chryso Tsokkou also said the group’s hotels had reached full capacity in October, exceeding 2019 bookings.

She said that Ayia Napa welcomed tourists mainly from Russia, Poland, Scandinavian and Germany.

Larnaca hoteliers reported their establishments recorded a pleasantly unexpected 75% occupancy rate.

Larnaca hotel chair Joanna Florentiadou said: “We did not expect that the flow of reservations in October would exceed those of September”.

She pointed out that most hotels will remain open until mid-November, and then depending on the reservations, decide whether they will close for the winter months.

Limassol hoteliers are also pleased with October’s turnover, as they saw an occupancy rate of more than 80%, said Association of Cyprus Tourism Enterprises’ (ACTE) representative Demetra Karantoki.

Limassol hotel guests are mainly from Russia, the UK, France, and Israel.