Cyprus powers up electric vehicle revolution

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Cyprus takes advantage of a €38.6 mln injection from the EU Recovery plan to increase electric vehicles on the road and charging points in towns across the island.

On Friday, Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos unveiled the government’s General Policy Framework for incentives to increase the use of electric vehicles, which should see 25% of vehicles on the streets by 2030, powered by electricity.

Implementing the policy to promote electric vehicles will reduce the island’s dependence on fossil fuels and emissions to reach its goals set by the European Union’ Green Deal.

Cyprus is called upon to consider investments and reforms to achieve its 2050 goals for climate neutrality in its National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability.

When it comes to the transport sector, Cyprus is obligated to reduce pollutant emissions by 50%.

Karousos said a significant number of actions of the General Policy Framework would be funded by the Recovery and Sustainability Fund, from which there is already approved funding of €38.6 mln.

The funding approved by the EU is earmarked for incentives for people to buy electric vehicles and for the construction of charging points across the island during the next five years.

Part of the funding will construct 1,000 charging points in towns, while another 40 will be placed on highways.

Karousos said that the national goal is to ensure that by 2030, 25% of vehicles on the streets will be electric.

By 2030, the government should be buying only electric vehicles to cover its transport needs.

“Incentives will be provided for the purchase of electric vehicles of all categories including private cars, mopeds, motorcycles, buses, commercial vehicles and taxis, and vehicles for disabled people and large families,” said the minister.

Currently, only 201 electric vehicles are registered in Cyprus, while the 25% goal by 2030 would mean that 36,000 on the roads should be electric.

The minister said the government also plans to buy 28 electric buses to be used for transportation within busy city centres.

Additionally, all 225 motorcycles and motorbikes used by the Department of Postal Services will be replaced with electric motorcycles.

“Cyprus is moving forward. Cyprus is going electric,” said Karousos.