Cyprus swelters under prolonged heatwave

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Cyprus will continue to perspire under unusually hot weather this week, as maximum temperatures soar to 41 degrees Celsius, several notches above the norm.

The Met Office issued another yellow alert on Monday due to extremely high temperatures while warning the thermometer will rise further during the week.

The Mediterranean Island is wilting under a heatwave, which has held a grip over Cyprus since the beginning of July, with temperatures well above the average 37°C for the season.

According to weather officials, a low-pressure system and a hot air mass affect Cyprus, pushing temperatures up while forming strong winds.

The hot air mass originating from Africa is expected to push temperatures upward to become even hotter by Thursday.

Meteorologists do not expect the heat to subside in the next four days.

Monday will see temperatures reach 41°C, while scattered clouds will offer moments of shade.

Daytime maximum temperatures will range from 31-36°C on the coast, the mountain areas will also be hotter than usual, with temperatures reaching 32°C.

The evening will remain mostly clear with temperatures dropping to 23°C inland, 24°C on the coast, mountain areas will be a cooler 19°C.

Tuesday’s weather will remain mostly clear without noticeable temperature changes.

Temperatures will gradually rise on Wednesday and Thursday as another hot air mass moves this way from Africa.

Meanwhile, the Forestry Department said the risk of forest fires remains on red alert while calling on the public to be extra vigilant.

It called on the public to refrain from any activities that may cause forest fires now that temperatures are extremely high.

Lighting fires without permission is an offence punishable with up to 10 years in jail or a €50,000 fine, or both.

Anyone who detects smoke or fire should call 1407 or the Cyprus Fire Service on 112.

Cyprus lived through the worst fire in its recent history on 3 July, when a wildfire starting in Arakapas, Limassol, claimed the lives of four workers while burning 55 sq. km of forest and wild vegetation, destroying some 80 houses in its wake.

Police believe it was started by a 67-year-old farmer illegally burning vegetation.