Cyprus joins Europol human trafficking swoop

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Cyprus is one of 23 countries that participated in the Europe-wide coordinated action days against human trafficking for labour exploitation, which took place between 31 May and 6 June.

According to the police, one operation was conducted in Cyprus during, which an individual was arrested, and eight possible victims of human trafficking were identified.

The case has been filed before the Nicosia District Court and investigated by the Office of Combating Human Trafficking.

European law enforcement authorities carried out inspections in labour-intensive sectors, which require low-skilled workers as part of the operation.

Europol said that 229 people were arrested – 73 for trafficking in human beings.

The EU law enforcement agency says 630 possible victims of exploitation were identified, and 150 new human trafficking investigations were initiated.

Europol also said employees in sectors such as transport, logistics, personal services and construction are more vulnerable to exploitation due to the lower level of education and awareness required about labour rights and human trafficking.