Hotel discounts for Cypriots extended to June

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Hotels across the island will continue to offer discounts to Cypriots in June in an attempt to keep the industry alive until foreign tourists start arriving in large numbers.

Following the easing of lockdown that banned hotel stays for residents, hoteliers aided by a state incentive scheme are hoping to lure Cypriot holidaymakers as foreign tourists are scarce on the ground.

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism has extended till the end of June a discount scheme for local tourists, offering hotel stays at a maximum of €60 per night, with the state subsidising 35% of the cost, the guest pays €39.

The scheme will run in June but stop for the busy months of July and August when hoteliers expect to see a flow of tourists from abroad and resume from September through November.

For Cypriots to take advantage of the deal, they will have to book a minimum of a two-night stay at a hotel taking part in the government scheme.

The island hoped to be on the UK’s green list to signal mass arrivals from its biggest tourist source.

Cyprus is hoping to be placed on the UK safe travel list in June, which would mean Britons do not have to self-isolate on their return home.

Following the lifting of lockdown, authorities require Cypriots to carry proof of a negative coronavirus test, vaccinated with one shot no earlier than three weeks or proof of contracting the virus within the past six months.

This is the third time the scheme has been extended since it was initially introduced in April.

Hotels taking part in the scheme can be found in the following links: