Stormy weather, cold snap to end hot streak

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Cyprus will get a break from the unusually hot temperatures of recent days, with a cold snap heralding more unsettled weather with wintery showers from Friday night, offering Cypriots the last chance to see snow this year.

The island enjoyed higher-than-normal temperatures for early April, as temperatures touched 30 degrees Celsius in mid-week.

From Friday night through to Sunday, temperatures will significantly drop to a maximum of 13֯ C on Saturday, slightly rising on Sunday, reaching 16֯ C.

The cooler weather will be accompanied by local rainstorms and some snowfall at the highest mountains on Saturday.

According to weather observers Kitas Weather, the Troodos mountains will see a fair share of snowfall, possibly the last snow the island will see until next winter.

In comments to the Financial Mirror, weather observer Eric Kitas said that temperatures during the weekend would be 8-10 degrees lower than the average 24֯ C for the season.

“As of Friday night, and for the first 12 hours on Saturday, Cyprus will be affected by a cold-weather system, replacing the hot air system which had pushed temperatures up to 31֯ C this week,” said Kitas.

He said temperatures would gradually pick from Tuesday, with Cyprus heading into summer mode.

On Thursday, maximum temperatures will rise to 26֯ C inland, 23֯ C on the coast, and 17֯ C at the highest mountains.

Night temperatures will drop to 10֯ C inland, 11֯ C on the coast and 5֯ C in mountain areas.

Temperatures will dip on Friday, with scattered showers on the menu.