Cloudy Green Monday with SMS ‘6’, carnival fines in Limassol

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Green Monday will generally be cloudy in Cyprus, with some rains in certain parts of the island, that will not prevent thousands from seeking open spaces to mark the first day of Lent.

Usually, Cypriots start celebrations from the previous day when the traditional Limassol Carnival results in an outpour of thousands onto the town’s streets, dressed in costume, dancing and singing late into the evening, a mood that concludes ten days of festivities.

This year’s parade was cancelled due to the coronavirus restrictions, but the resourceful townspeople found other ways to express their joy and keep a bit of satire with hastily decorated cars that replaced the grand floats that would normally take about a year to build.

There were no parading teams of hundreds dressed in themed costume or the municipality’s official cheerleaders ahead of the parade that would start from morning and end in the afternoon, leaving behind a debris of confetti and streamers.

However, this did not stop the Limassolians from organising impromptu carnival events, including an dressed-up cyclists and a motor-parade through the main streets, with the public in general sticking to some covid-rules.

Despite the mostly youthful public adhering to the social distancing rules, some had a mind of their own and the police said on Monday morning that that 40 people and two establishments in the Old Port area were fined, where several thousands gathered, as well as at the adjacent Limassol Marina, often too close to each other, under music and fireworks.

“Some don’t want to understand the gravity of the situation. Many are still being hospitalised and Limassol is the only district which is in the red danger zone,” Police Chief Stelios Papatheodorou told ANT1 TV.


Green Monday with SMS ‘6’ until 8.30pm

The weather forecast for Green Monday is generally cloudy with some light showers in areas. The overcast conditions are hampered by a low pressure front that has increased dust particles in the air.

Temperatures will be at 18C inland and along the coast and 12C in the mountains, dropping to 8C inland at night, 11-12C along the coast and 4C in the higher ranges, with possibility of rainfall.

This will continue to Thursday, when conditions and temperatures will return to the normal level for this time of year.

The latest restriction relaxations come into force from Tuesday, allowing restaurants, bars and cafés to reopen after months of lockdown closures, but can only serve in open air spaces. The curfew will also be pushed back from 9pm to 11pm.

An exemption was announced for Green Monday, whereby the public “is allowed to public gathering places, specifically dams, parks, linear parks, squares, nature trails of the Department of Forests and excursion areas.”

Access to playgrounds located within the above areas is not allowed.

This rule is limited to six adults, plus children and people can stay out until 8.30pm, as Monday is the last day of the 9pm curfew.

To escape to the outdoors, people need to send an SMS text with to 8998 requesting permission. The message must start with ‘6’, followed by the ID card number and each sender’s home postal code.

All adults must send the SMS request, and the two daily messages remain in place until the end of March. Senior citizens may carry a written form designating the category.