Yellow warning for thunderstorms, sunnier weather approaching

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Following a recent warm spell in late February, Cyprus is in for some wintery weather, with the Met Office issuing a warning for thunderstorms and snow on the highest mountain peaks.

Cyprus will be hit by stormy weather, with the Met Office issuing a yellow weather alert for heavy rain on Tuesday until 6 pm.

“Isolated heavy thunderstorms are likely to affect the island. Rainfall may exceed 35 mm per hour, with a possibility of snow in the highest mountain areas,” the Met Office told the Financial Mirror.

Maximum temperatures will rise to 18°C inland and in coastal areas, 9֯ C in Troodos, close to the average temperatures for the season.

Night-time temperatures will drop to 5°C inland, 8°C on the coast and zero degrees in the mountains.

On Wednesday, the weather will be slightly cooler, with more rain and snow expected.

On Thursday, the weather will improve after some isolated showers or thunderstorms expected in the east, but gradually the weather will become mostly clear.

Temperatures will rise significantly after Thursday, reaching 22°C by the weekend, some 4 degrees above the seasonal norm.