COVID19: Week after Christmas deadliest so far

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The week following Christmas was the deadliest since the pandemic began in Cyprus accounting for 13% of all deaths attributed to COVID-19.

According to the Health Ministry’s national report, the highest number of deaths was recorded between 28 December and 3 January 2021, with 22.

Of the 22 who died with the virus, 19 deaths were directly caused by COVID-19.

December is already on record as the deadliest month with the highest number of COVID-19 deaths since March, accounting for 52% (85) of those who have died.

As on 4 January 2021, 163 people have died after being diagnosed with COVID-19 with 67% involving men (109 deaths) and 33% were women (54).

Out of the 163 deaths, 133 (82%) were directly caused by COVID-19. Of these deaths, 67% were men (89 deaths) and 33% women (44).

The highest frequency of deaths occurs in the age group 80-84 with 47 deaths, or 29% of the total number.

According to the National Report, 26% (43) of the deaths concerned people residing in care homes.

Some 68 of the 85 deaths in December were residents of Nicosia and Limassol with 41 and 27 deaths, respectively.

As of 4 January, the mortality rate is 14.9 per 100,000 population

The median age of all COVID-19 associated deaths was 82 years (IQR: 74-87years).

By district, the largest death toll 45 (34.1%) was in Nicosia, 44 (33.3%) in Limassol, 22 (16.7%) in Larnaca, 11 (8.3%) from Famagusta, 9 (6.8%) in Paphos and one death (0.8%) occurred among cases reported in the British bases or had a residence abroad.

Around 30 cases are still in ICU. The median age of current ICU patients is 69 (IQR:  64-76) and 18 (60%) are males.

Twenty-two (73.3%) patients currently in ICU have pre-existing conditions.

The number of cases currently in ICU is 3.4 per 100,000 population as of January 3.

A total of 94 ICU patients (90.2%) have been intubated, currently, there are 22 patients intubated in ICU.

A total of 5,455 cases were reported between 20 December – 2 January making island’s 14-day cumulative diagnosis rate 614.3 per 100,000 population, up from 457.3 per 100,000 population in the previous report.

Larnaca was hit hardest with its 14-day cumulative rate at 986.6, up from 709.4, followed by Famagusta at 660.5, up from 425.4.

Nicosia’s rate stands at 617.5, Limassol’s at 442.2 and Paphos the lowest at 334.4.

Among all cases diagnosed in over the 14 days, 2,139 (39.2%) were reported in Nicosia, 1,470 (27%) in Larnaca, 1,098 (20.1%) in Limassol, 323 (5.9%) in Famagusta, 319(5.9%) in Paphos, and 106 (2%) were reported either in the British bases or had a residence abroad, or information was not available.

The median age of all cases diagnosed in the last 14 days is 38 years (IQR: 25-56years).

The median age of adult cases (≥ 18 years) is 43 (IQR: 30-58years).

By age group, cases included 883infants, children and adolescents aged 0-19 years-old (16.2%), 3,491 adults aged 20-59 years (64%), 1,067 persons aged 60 and older (19.6%), and for 14 cases (0.3%) age is unknown.

Most cases were locally transmitted as just 1.2% (63) involved people who arrived on the island from abroad.