Not white, but a sunny Christmas for Cyprus

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Cyprus will enjoy some nice weather this festive season as sunshine is expected on Christmas Day, with New Year’s also expected to see its share of sunshine.

The island is in for a warm Christmas as temperatures will be 2-3 degrees Celsius higher than average, justifying its reputation as a popular holiday and winter destination for northern European travellers.

This year, the coronavirus crisis has seen the island go into lockdown twice with just a fraction of tourists able to squeeze in a holiday in late summer and early autumn.

Locals are also confined to their homes as a night curfew is in place with restaurants and cafes closed due to COVID-19 restriction measures.

However, hotels that will remain open during the holiday season, are allowed to circumvent the COVID-19 restrictions, and may serve only their guests at the restaurants on their properties.

Temperatures on the inland are expected to reach 18C, allowing for Cypriots to take to their gardens for their festivities, instead of being confined to four walls, while a highly infectious coronavirus is making the rounds across the island.

Talking to the Financial Mirror, a Cyprus Met Office spokesperson said that temperatures on Christmas Day (Friday) are expected to remain higher than average until Saturday, with available data indicating the sunny weather might take the island into the New Year.

Tuesday’s weather is expected to be fine with temperatures reaching 19C on the inland and 20C on the coast.

A weak pressure system is affecting the region, with slight dust looming in the atmosphere, expected to clear up some time on Wednesday afternoon.

On Wednesday, temperatures are to drop slightly, with the coastal areas possibly in for some showers, while the highest mountains may see some sleet with a slight possibility of snow.

Initial indications have Cyprus in for a warm New Year’s Day, allowing for excursions and outdoor celebrations.