COVID19: School students to get free reusable masks

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Cyprus’ Education Ministry will be handing out free reusable cloth masks to students and teachers returning to classrooms on September 14, after a week’s delay due to the unprecedented heatwave.

Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou said that following a donation, the ministry will be handing out free masks to all students and school staff.

The masks are already available, and school representatives have been called to collect masks for their schools.

Cyprus school students will be returning to school on Monday under strict hygiene protocols which will see children over the age of 12 and teaching staff have to wear a mask in the classroom.

A scheduled return to school on September 7 was postponed due to the extremely hot temperatures and high dust levels.

Teachers and parents were unhappy about mask-wearing in classrooms, citing the island’s above-average temperatures.

The previous school year was abruptly interrupted when COVID-19 lockdown measures were introduced in March as schools closed and children had to work remotely.