COVID19: British Bases warn virus test needed at crossing

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British Bases authorities have warned that people who cross at the Pergamos checkpoint must present a negative COVID-19 test result following Turkish Cypriot protests.

Turkish Cypriot residents of nearby Pyla, in the Larnaca district, protested on Wednesday at the Pergamos crossing, in the British Bases, demanding that children under 12 not be obliged to present a COVID-19 test certificate before crossing.

CNA reported the protest took place after British Bases police did not allow a 12-year-old to cross with his family to the Turkish-occupied areas through Pergamos, due to lack of a certificate.

This prompted a group of Turkish Cypriots, mostly women and children, to drive to the crossing point and block the road in front of the checkpoint at the British Bases.

Turkish Cypriot authorities had told Pyla residents that children under 12 years were not required to take the coronavirus test, even though the British Bases said no person would cross without the test.

A British Bases spokesperson told the Cyprus News Agency: “We are aware of the situation and are advising anyone wishing to use the Pergamos crossing point to travel into the north, they will need to present a negative COVID-19 test certificate before returning to the south.

This is in step with measures in the Republic of Cyprus. We continue to liaise with the authorities and monitor the situation”.