COVID19: Paphos airport to welcome first flights on 21 June

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Although officially opening on Tuesday, Paphos Airport will not see its first arrivals until June 21 with flights scheduled from Greece and Israel.

Paphos Airport operator Hermes Airports officials have, however, indicated that it may be welcoming flights earlier than planned, the Cyprus News Agency said.

Both Larnaca and Paphos Airports reopened Tuesday after Cyprus lifted a flight ban imposed on March 21 for all but rescue flights as part of lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Larnaca Airport is to see five flights arriving on Tuesday while another five commercial flights are scheduled to depart for Greece, Israel, and Bulgaria.

Paphos Airport has reopened with the same health protocols in force at Larnaca that include allowing entry into the terminal only to passengers and staff, requiring everyone to wear masks.

Travellers to Cyprus will have to submit their travel documents needed for the trip, including a health certificate proving they are Covid-19 negative, online at the newly launched platform www.cyprusflightpass.com.