COVID19: Beaches reopen with social distancing

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As Cyprus lockdown eases, organized beaches reopened on Saturday and the Health Ministry issued guidelines on the distance between umbrellas and sunbeds and what the public should look out for.

According to the guidelines, the minimum distance between the axles of umbrellas on beaches is set at 4 metres, while the minimum distance between sunbeds is set at 2 metres.

One-meter distance should be kept between the perimeter of each umbrella.

Moreover, only members of the same family can do water sports or any other persons if their distance is 2 metres.

The personnel involved in organizing, providing any services and regulating the beaches should undergo training and should be given written instructions against the COVID-19 spread.

Employees should also be able to recognize the symptoms and follow the protocol.

Health  Ministry says people should avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth and cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing.

A towel must be placed on the sunbed by the user and all sports will be regulated under specific instructions and decrees.

In addition, beach staff must disinfect the sunbeds and chairs after each use.

Any selling of items on the beach is prohibited and the public is advised to limit the use of cash as much as possible.

Use of locker rooms and showers operating indoors is also prohibited.

Regarding the delivery of food and beverages on the beach, the Ministry reminds that all staff need to follow the self-protection measures as announced previously and also all guidelines on catering areas outside.

The people waiting to be served should have a distance of 2 metres between them.

It is also forbidden to sell food on the beach (eg juices, water, sweets, etc.).

Water sports operators are required to regularly clean and disinfect the surfaces that customers usually touch with common cleaning liquids, or soap, bleach solution, alcohol or antiseptic gel.

It is also noted that cleaning staff should use gloves.

Toilets, outdoor showers etc need to be cleaned and disinfected frequently.

Liquid soap, paper towels and antiseptic solution should be placed in each of these areas.

All common surfaces must also be disinfected frequently and bins to be kept clean at all times.