Cyprus foot-stunt driver jailed

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A 43-year-old Cypriot motorist who posted a live stream driving a truck with his legs on the steering wheel while navigating a busy motorway, was jailed for 40 days on Thursday after pleading guilty to reckless and dangerous driving.

The driver, from Limassol, admitted to posting the video of his unorthodox behaviour on social media, while also pleading guilty to driving without insurance.

Passing sentencing on Thursday morning, the Larnaca district court stripped him of his license for nine months.

The court took into account that the offender has two young children and a sick father who is in his care.

However, the judge ruled that the man had committed a reckless act which had endangered lives, and as such he should serve a prison sentence, CNA said.

Last October a three-and-a-half-minute viral video showed the driver with both feet in long black socks on the steering wheel navigating with his calves on the slow lane of a two-lane highway with apparent ease.

Police issued a stiff warning to drivers following the very public prank.

“Driving is not a game or a joke. We all have a responsibility to be careful whilst behind the wheel and show respect not only for our own lives but those of others,” they said.

Cyprus law states that drivers must have both hands on the wheel.