Cyprus treats first suspected case of coronavirus

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Cyprus health authorities said on Friday it was treating its first suspected case of the coronavirus after a Chinese man developed tell-tale symptoms on returning to the island from China.

The Ministry of Health statement said: “A Chinese citizen residing in Cyprus who had visited China in the past few days presented symptoms similar to that of the coronavirus.”

Cypriot authorities said all protocols were followed in dealing with the coronavirus and the man was transferred to the capital at Nicosia general hospital.

“The possibility of influenza A was ruled out after conducting the relevant examinations,” said the Health Ministry.

It said medical officials would “further investigate” the incident over the following days while the patient is kept in hospital for treatment.

“We would like to emphasize that this is a suspected case (of the coronavirus) and not confirmed,” said the Health Ministry statement.

“We will keep the public informed of any developments,” it added.

According to Cypriot daily Phileleftheros, the man is being kept in quarantine at Nicosia general hospital where he was taken after arriving at the airport where screening ascertained he had a high fever.