Cyprus dams are overflowing

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Many Cyprus dams are overflowing as total water capacity reaches 88.3% following the recent stormy weather.

The latest dam to overflow was Ayia Marina Xyliatos which was captured on video by members of the Forestry Department.

Reservoirs that have reached their full capacity include the dams of Argaka and Pomos (Paphos), Tamasou, Malounta and Kalopanayiotis in Nicosia.

Meanwhile, the Water Development Department has set in place a number of measures to ensure the safety of visitors at Asprokremmos dam which is about to overflow.

According to the police the road above the dam has been closed since Thursday and will remain so for as long as the overflow lasts.

Given the ongoing rain and inflow into the reservoir, the dam is expected to spill over by Sunday.

A low-pressure system is still affecting the region, but it is moving east and dying out, however, Cyprus will be affected by more bad weather from Monday when it will feel colder.

More rain and snow is expected to accompany the system.

On Saturday the weather will be mainly cloudy and foggy with no local rain or snowfall expected.

Temperatures will rise to 15°C inland, 17°C on the coast and zero degrees in the mountains where frost will persist.

On Sunday the weather will be locally cloudy with fog in the mountains which will gradually dissipate.

Temperatures will rise slightly and will be closer to the average levels for the season.

On Monday a low-pressure system forming in the Aegean will move southeast and build-up by the time it reaches Cyprus.

This will bring more rain, thunderstorms and snowfall in the mountains. Temperatures will drop significantly.