Maritime Academy cadets commemorate patron saint

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Cadets from the newly established Mediterranean Maritime Academy in Limassol joined students from the nautical high school of the First Technical School to commemorate the day of Saint Nicholas (Ayios Nikolaos), patron saint of the navy, marked on December 6 of each year.

The celebrations, organised by the Association of Merchant Marine Officers of Cyprus, included the cadets for the first time, as the Academy is one of a handful colleges that have sprung up in recent years, teaching maritime engineering and management courses.

In all, the maritime schools, some of which are affiliated to local universities, have an enrolment of 300 students, about half of whom are native Cypriots, as interest in the ‘blue economy’ has been revived and many are seeking careers in landside and on-vessel jobs.

As a leading ship-management hub, and ranked 11th in the world in the size of Cyprus-flag vessels, the island had lacked in local training and education after the Higher Technical Institute, offering mechanical and marine engineering courses, was shut down in 2003, with many seeking higher education at marine academies in Greece or in universities with a naval or maritime tradition.

The celebrations in Limassol started from the holiday’s eve, on December 5, with the cadets and students carrying the icon of Saint Nicholas, followed by mass on Friday.

Photos posted by Mediterranean Maritime Academy students: