CYPRUS: Multi-national exercise to improve maritime emergency response

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A large-scale multinational exercise dubbed “Nemesis” was conducted within Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone involving a simulated emergency at an oil platform with participation of the US, UK, Greece, France and Israel.

Wednesday’s exercise was organised for the sixth consecutive year.

The main objective of the exercise is to ensure effective cooperation and coordination of services in Cyprus with neighbouring and friendly states on the prompt response to emergency situations on-board merchant vessels and oil/gas platforms in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

“Cyprus is making every effort for constantly upgrade procedures dealing with emergency situations such as antiterrorism operations, search and rescue and pollution of marine environment within our EEZ,” said Transport Minister Vassiliki Anastassiadou at the exercise launch.

She said the success of Nemesis, a multinational and multiagency exercise, is based primarily on the level of cooperation and coordination among the participants.

“I have no doubt that the participants will grasp this opportunity and take their knowledge and experience a step further.”