TRAVEL: Cyprus and Israel back joint tourism packages for gastronomy and golf

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Cyprus and Israel reached an agreement to promote joint travel packages for tourists in the US, Russia and Germany from 2020, focusing on golf, gastronomy and wellness holidays.

A Deputy Ministry for Tourism statement said that a delegation headed by Tourism Minister Savvas Perdios and an Israeli team headed by Israel’s Tourism Ministry Director-General Amir Halevi “reached an agreement regarding ways and actions that must be taken towards a successful promotion of joint packages, planned to begin next year”.

The packages will be promoted to the US, Russia and Germany, in the first stage, while other countries will follow.

During the meeting, the two sides reconfirmed that gastronomy was “very important” for both countries and would be the pillar of a joint thematic route, with a single excursion package that will attract visitors to both Israel and Cyprus.

Moreover, the two delegations discussed a second joint package that would give visitors the ability to visit Cyprus for golf tourism and Israel for health and wellness tourism.

They also decided to participate in cruise tourism exhibitions with joint pavilions.