TRANSPORT: Cyprus looking at ways to alleviate Nicosia logjams

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Cyprus Transport Minister Vassiliki Anastassiadou has presented her Ministry’s strategic plan to resolve the capital’s traffic gridlock which includes better public transport and an orbital motorway.

Presenting the Integrated Mobility Plan for Nicosia, Anastassiadou said the Ministry aims to rid the capital of its notorious traffic jams with several projects, some of which are underway.

She noted that Nicosia’s traffic bottlenecks are caused by the fact that 90% of Nicosia residents get about using their private vehicles while shunning public transport.

She said the Ministry’s strategy is largely focused on the sustainable development of the city in combination with a functioning and modern public transport system.

“We must push people to use public transport more as well as other alternative means of transport.”

The Ministry will put forward calls for tenders to enhance the public transport system.

She said the aim is to increase network coverage, operational hours and frequency, noting that a new smart systems will be introduced along with a phone application which will keep travellers up to date with bus schedules.

Key to the whole endeavor will be the Nicosia Orbital Motorway, which will act as a ring road, contributing to the substantial decongestion of the capital’s main roads.

According to advice from an international consultant agency, Anastassiadou said it would be premature to talk about Nicosia having a tram system.