SHIPPING: Cyprus Foundation of the Sea holds inaugural meeting

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The Cyprus Foundation of the Sea held its inaugural meeting at Limassol Town Hall on Tuesday, October 15, tasked by all participating stakeholders to develop the ‘blue economy’ growth in all sectors of the maritime cluster.

The first board of directors was elected at the inaugural meeting, consisting of leading personalities from all sectors and stakeholders of the blue economy from public, private, academia, civic society, research organisations and financial and other institutions.

The new President is Capt. Eugen Adami, board member of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber and the Vice-President is Costas Iacovou, Permanent Secretary of the Shipping Deputy Ministry. Following the elections, there was a presentation by the president of the structure and main future objectives of the foundation.

The Cyprus Foundation of the Sea was established from an initiative of the CSC in close co-operation with a number of stakeholders relevant with Blue Growth, and is supported by the Shipping Deputy Ministry and the Government in general. The Foundation will act as the forum which, through research and development, will provide guidance as to the type of further research, education and training that is required in the marine and maritime fields in order to promote “Blue Growth”.

Photo: The Foundation’s first president, Capt. Eugen Adami (left), Limassol mayor Nicos Nicolaides and vice president Costas Iacovou