TRAVEL: Cypriots spend big on foreign holidays

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Cypriots are three times more likely to enjoy longer trips abroad than take their holidays in Cyprus while they spend an average €600 on their vacation, a figure only beaten by four other EU countries.

Cypriots spent a total of EUR 1.68 bln on their holidays, of which just €190 mln went on domestic tourism.

On average Cypriots spent €600 on each trip they made – but it was only €136 for domestic holidays and €1,059 for trips abroad.

Average daily expenditure amounted to €94 but broken down it was a lower €51 for domestic trips and €105 for foreign holidays.

Luxembourg residents spent the most money per trip (€769), followed by Austria (€641) and Malta (€633), Denmark was fourth (€618) followed by Cyprus (€600). The EU average is €377 per holiday.

More than half of Cypriots taking a holiday in 2017 did so abroad, with holidaymakers spending significantly more time and money than on domestic trips.

According to a Eurostat, 37.6% out of 1.4 million trips made by Cypriots were outbound long-term journeys (more than 4 days), while just a 7.8% of long-term holidays were made on the island

Some 22% of travellers from Cyprus visited the UK with an average stay of 15.2 days on an average daily budget of €92.

Greece was the second most popular choice with 20.2% of Cypriot travellers spending an average of €107, while their average stay was 6.7 days.

Some 3.9% from Cyprus visited Germany. Their average stay was 16 days on a daily expenditure of €82.

Only 5% stayed in Cyprus as tourists staying an average of 2.7 days while spending €51 per day.