TECHNOLOGY: Cyprus need to connect its innovation with European research

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Cyprus researchers need to engage in collective European research, to identify their priorities and work in sync with their neighbours, said DG at the EU Department of Research and Innovation Jean Eric Paquet.

He said the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe research missions are a fast and effective way of connecting research back to citizens. 

Paquet paid Nicosia a visit on Wednesday where he addressed a citizens’ dialogue titled: “From Horizon 2020 to Horizon Europe, research and innovation perspectives for Cyprus” held at the Ministry of Finance. 

He argued Brussels must reconnect citizens with “our ambitions on innovation and capture their imaginations as well as to provide knowledge and solutions for the transitions which Europe is facing today”. 

He said science and innovation is needed to tackle deep economic challenges and to increase productivity. 

Paquet presented the five mission areas of the new Horizon EU research programs, agreed by the Council and the European Parliament.  

These mission areas are: Climate change adaptation, Cancer, Healthy oceans, Smart cities and soil health and food. 

He underlined that deep technology, combines scientific advances and high-tech engineering innovation and that the next digital revolution will combine artificial intelligence with engineering.  

National Chief Scientist Kyriakos Kokkinos said Cyprus was dedicated and determined to succeed. 

He said that the EU has a lot of potential adding that the ecosystem as well as the know-how and the framework are in high levels and Cyprus must enhance its national policies with these elements. 

Kokkinos said that although Cyprus is a moderate innovator, it has significant potential and the goal is to provide support in the areas of research and innovation so that Cypriot companies can transform.