ENERGY: Cyprus calls for tough measures against all involved in Turkey’s aggression

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President Nicos Anastasiades called for restrictive measures to be taken against all those involved in Turkey`s unlawful actions in Cyprus’ EEZ.

He told a European People`s Party meeting in Sibiu, Romania that "the EU should consider the use of restrictive measures against all those involved in Turkey`s unlawful actions in the Republic of Cyprus and the eastern Mediterranean".

"The time has come for a collective response to these challenges with actions beyond the usual messages that have proven ineffective," said Anastasiades.

"It is clear that all of the EU’s firm messages to Turkey have hit a wall…even the recent statement by EU High Representative Mogherini were dealt with ironically by the Turkish Foreign Minister."

Anastasiades argued that the ultimate goal of the measures should be "to end Turkey`s unlawful actions that are likely to further destabilize the region and bring about a further de-escalation."

"These actions constitute a flagrant violation of Cyprus’ sovereign rights and are contrary to international law and European law."

He said that Turkey’s argument of acting in the interests of the Turkish Cypriots are totally unfounded.

"It is by far the most serious violation of the sovereign rights of Cyprus and we are faced with an unprecedented escalation of Turkey's unlawful actions in the Eastern Mediterranean…these unacceptable actions amount to a new invasion of Cyprus by Turkey after the tragic events of 1974 ".