CYPRUS: Nicosia committed to e-governance and blockchain technology

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Nicosia is committed to implementing its Digital Governance strategy, aiming to benefit from the possibilities presented by the digitalisation of public administration.

Remaining committed to the Digital Strategy introduced in 2012, the government sees that new openings will be created, public administration strengthened, and the integration of all citizens in the economic and social life of the country.

President Nicos Anastasiades addressing the “Digital Cyprus Conference” said that the government will develop the digital sector through specific policies and actions.

“As part of Cyprus’ Digital Strategy, we have put forward additional strategies and projects regarding e-governance, e-learning, the digitisation of business and industry, high-speed networks, cyber-security, and also taken other similar initiatives,” the President said on Monday.

Anastasiades noted that the e-Governance Council, which in its almost four years of action has adopted 19 new strategic projects, and 28 Strategic e-Governance projects for the reform and modernisation of the public service with a total budget of approximately EUR 250 mln.

He mentioned the digitization of the Health Information System, e-Justice, the new information system of the Tax Department and the Department of the Registrar of Companies, and Cyta telecoms 5G network project.

Anastasiades referred to a proposal submitted by the main opposition party AKEL for the creation of a Deputy Ministry of Research and Innovation which will be take over the implementation of digitization reforms.

He said that with the cooperation of the parliamentary parties “I am sure that a Deputy Ministry for the implementation, which will also deal with research and innovation of the digital strategy, will be approved”.

President Anastasiades said with the rapid developments in modern technologies and applications, a joint working group under the auspices of has been established, with the participation of experts from the public sector and the private sector, for the design of a national strategy regarding the development of Blockchain technology.