CYPRUS: Rescued Green turtle returned to the sea

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A green see turtle, found wounded in Limassol in June, has returned to the sea after it healed under the care of the Fisheries and Maritime Research Department.

Agriculture and Environment Minister Costas Kadis attended the send-off for the turtle named
“Eleftheria” (Freedom).

“The conservation of biodiversity and marine diversity is among our priorities,” Kadis said.

Cyprus hosts two sea turtle species, the green turtle and the loggerhead turtle also known as “caretta – caretta”. They are both protected by international conventions and European directives.

Cyprus, Kadis said, is considered as an example to follow in matters related to managing sea turtles.

In recent years the reproduction of sea turtles on the island has increased and European programmes in which Cyprus takes part are considered to be “success stories”.

The minister also urged the public to help in incidents where turtles are found wounded.

Every year, around ten sea turtles are found wounded and treated at the marine research centre of the Fisheries Department in Meneou, Larnaca and are later released back into the sea.

Kadis also announced that a study will be conducted on the protection of the seals at the Sea Caves in Paphos.
Expert findings and suggestions on the measures needed to be taken, will be adopted and implemented by the state, Kadis pledged.