SHIPPING: Cyprus panel focuses on education and training

2 mins read

Maravilhosa, specialised in business consultancy and advice, organised the second Cyprus panel discussion on “Shipping: an industry of Passion, Knowledge and Experience – Part Two” on February 2.

The event took place at Poseidonia Beach Hotel in Limassol and was attended by government dignitaries, diplomats, the Department of Merchant Shipping, Cyprus Shipping Chamber’s Deputy Director General, representatives of shipping organisations, as well as representatives of shipping related associations and organisations, with a full audience nearing 300 persons.
This year’s panel discussion has focused on the need to further educate and develop our Human Capital in Cyprus and take advantage of the different opportunities arising in Shipping, to develop and expand the Cyprus Shipping base.
The panel addressed a number of challenges with main focus on the opportunities we need, in order to source, attract, train and retain qualified as well as passionate professionals; the current challenges for young professionals to join the industry; the recruitment strategy, training and development of shipping professionals and the role of Shipping Associations in education and engagement.
The opening keynote address was given by Dr. Christos Atalianis on behalf of Acting Director of the Department of Merchant Shipping, Ioannis Efstratiou, followed by a lively panel discussion with local and international high profile shipping personalities.
A dialogue took place with the youth among the audience, the panellists and the other members of the audience, which brought out the views of the shipping community and the perceptions and aspirations of the young generation.
The event concluded on a number of initiatives, developed on ideas expressed or encouraged during the panel discussion, to be implemented now for next year’s panel meeting.