Cypriot Government refers to MOKAS’s “well founded” response regarding Liberty Reserve case

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MOKAS’s head ‘very important and decisive’ response as regards the Liberty Reserve case was ‘well founded’, Government Spokesman Christos Stylianides has said.

Stylianides, who was replying to a question on the matter as to whether the government was aware of the case, referred to the statements made by the Head of Cyprus’s anti-money-laundering unit (MOKAS), Eva Rossidou-Papakyriacou.

“Those who have already visited the website of Wall Street Journal will see that the Head of MOKAS has given a very important and decisive response. We refer to that since it is very well founded”, he pointed out.

Head of Cyprus’s anti-money-laundering unit, Eva Rossidou-Papakyriacou, indicated that “Makelina Ltd” is a company registered in Belize. According to Ms. Rossidou-Papakyriacou, the company connected to the Liberty Reserve case is an identically named Belizean entity, not the Cypriot company.

Ms. Rossidou-Papakyriacou said to Wall Street Journal that her office has been “in constant communication” with US authorities since 2012 on the Liberty Reserve case and has “provided them with all the relevant banking documents”.

She added that Cypriot banks reported suspicious transactions related to the case and that some funds in Cypriot accounts have been frozen.