Rolls-Royce to power new Gulfstream jet

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Rolls-Royce announced its fourth new engine programme in a year with the introduction of the BR725. The engine will be the exclusive powerplant for Gulfstream’s new flagship corporate jet, the G650.

Rolls-Royce is the world’s leading engine supplier for business jets with a 34% share of the market.

The addition of the BR725 to the company’s broad product portfolio marks the sixth new powerplant brought to the civil aerospace sector within the past six years. Its introduction further demonstrates the commitment of Rolls-Royce to delivering technological advances continually into the marketplace.

The BR725 is the most advanced member of the BR700 engine series. Its advanced technology and outstanding performance levels will enable the G650 to set new standards at the top end of the ultra-long-range corporate market. Over the next 20 years, these aircraft will operate in a market segment worth an estimated $14 bln in engine sales.

The BR725 combines proven features from the BR700 and Trent engine families with new technologies derived from ongoing Rolls-Royce `Vision’ technology acquisition programmes.

Designed for outstanding reliability, the BR725 will be supported by the industry-leading Rolls-Royce CorporateCare services programme.

Compared with the highly-successful BR710, the BR725 is more powerful, with a maximum thrust of 17,000lb, is more than 4 dB cumulative quieter, has 4% better specific fuel consumption and shows a 21% improvement in NOx emissions. Design features include a 50-inch diameter fan assembly made up of 24 “swept” titanium blades for improved aerodynamic efficiency and lower noise.

Rig testing of major engine modules is progressing well. First full engine run is scheduled for spring this year, with initial flight test engines being delivered to Gulfstream towards the end of 2008.

Engine certification and start of flight testing are planned for summer 2009, with entry into service in 2012.