Greek Cypriots selling properties in north

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A number of Greek Cypriots, mainly living abroad but also in the government controlled areas, are alleged to have sold their properties in the north, according to opposition MP Georgos Georghiou.

During discussion at the House on the property boom and the influx of tourists to the north, Georghiou charged that an increasing number of Greek Cypriots are selling their property, currently in the occupied areas in the north to foreign nationals or domiciled companies, which in most cases are acting as fronts for Turkish Cypriots or developers who wish to exploit the said properties.

Referring to the tourist traffic to the north, the Chairman of the Cyprus Tourism Orgnanisation (CTO), Photis Photiou, expressed his concerns at the fact that the tourism flow to the north is increasing at an alarming rate. Only last December, there was a 12% increase in daily excursions to the north from the government controlled areas.

Referring to Greek Cypriots visiting the occupied areas to go to casinos, the majority stay at hotels there, which according to Photiou belong to Greek Cypriots and are now being exploited by Turkish interests.

The Chairman of CTO said that based on a survey made by the CTO, during the last 12 months some 240,000 Greek Cypriots visited the north.

The Chairman of the House Finance Committee, Aristos Chrysostomou (DIKO) alleged that a number of Greek Cypriots are also acting as agents of casino owners in the north and receive 15% commission per customer that they take to the casinos.