COVID19: Booster shots for over 83s

The Health Ministry announced on Thursday that COVID-19 booster shots will be available for people in Cyprus over the age of 83 as of Monday. Those above 83 will be administered a

COVID19: Drop in hospitalisations, older patients

A drop in new daily coronavirus cases has also brought about a decreasing number of patients needing hospitalisation, however, their average age is rising. Amalia Hadjiyianni, scientific director of Famagusta General, the

COVID19: EU bumps up vaccine production

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has approved an additional manufacturing site to ramp up the production of Comirnaty, the COVID-19 vaccine developed by BioNTech and Pfizer. The site, located in Saint Remy

COVID19: 300 complaints of vaccine side effects

Some 301 people in Cyprus have reported experiencing side effects from taking a COVID-19 vaccine since the country’s rollout in December. According to the Pharmaceutical Services of the Health Ministry, until 12

Four more held over Sigma TV attack

Police remanded four more people Monday afternoon in connection with the attack on media group Dias on Sunday night, after a protest by anti-vaxxers against COVID-19 vaccines and the SafePass turned violent.