COVID19: Two deaths as cases dip to 2,000

Cyprus reported two coronavirus deaths on Thursday, daily cases dipped closer to the 2,000 marker to 2,046, as the rate of hospitalisations dropped marginally to 144 while critical cases rose to 33,

COVID19: One death, fewer cases, rate rises

Cyprus reported the first coronavirus death for March on Tuesday, with daily cases dipping below 2,000 to 1,986, the rate of hospitalisations also dropping to 146 and 31 critical cases, down six

COVID19: One death as cases dip below 2,000

Cyprus reported one new coronavirus death on Thursday, as new cases continued to drop, dipping below the 2,000 mark to 1,935 infections, while hospitalisations increased to 167 and the number of critical

COVID19: Five deaths, youngest 46

Cyprus reported five new coronavirus deaths on Tuesday, the youngest at 46, with February set to become the second worst month on record. New cases dropped slightly to 2,322, while hospitalisations also