Doctors, nurses shortage looms

A Health Ministry survey found the ageing population of doctors and nurses in the General Healthcare System is expected to lead to a shortage in the next five years. According to the

Nurses shortage threatens health system

Private hospitals are facing a serious shortage of nursing staff, as changes brought on by the introduction of the General Health System saw many switch to state hospitals while new private health

‘No shortage’ of key medicines in Cyprus

Health Ministry officials have refuted reports that Cyprus is facing a shortage of essential medicines such as antibiotics. In comments to the Cyprus News Agency, Elena Panayiotopoulou, deputy director of the pharmaceutical

Cyprus not running out of wheat

Cyprus has enough wheat for human consumption to last for at least another three months despite shortages created in supply due to the Ukraine war,  Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis said. Difficulties have

COVID19: Health Ministry denies vaccine shortage

The Health Ministry has rejected rumours that Cyprus is running low on COVID-19 vaccines, confirming that authorities are pushing Moderna jabs to balance out a high demand for Pfizer. Reportedly people turning