Government launches Mortgage to Rent scheme

The government greenlighted the mortgage-to-rent scheme, the latest lifeline for defaulted borrowers, following approval from the European Commission. Government spokesperson Konstantinos Letymbiotis on Wednesday told reports the scheme will be going ahead.


Mortgage-to-rent scheme launched

The Mortgage-to-Rent scheme, the latest lifeline thrown to defaulted borrowers, is going ahead, as KEDIPES, the state-owned Asset Management Company, announced its blueprint on Tuesday. Representing the former Coop Bank turned bad

Electric charging station scheme extended

The Transport Ministry will extend the first phase of a €3.7 mln scheme for 1,000 electric vehicle charging stations across the country until the end of April 2023. Approved by the Cabinet

Mortgage-to-rent scheme in trouble

The Mortgage to Rent scheme, the government’s latest lifeline for distressed borrowers, is in rough seas after the Finance Ministry claimed to be in the dark over the exact number of eligible

New electric car scheme launched

The Transport Ministry is launching the second phase of a €30 mln incentive scheme to encourage motorists to go electric in the coming months. Rollout of the 2022-2023 plan comes after phase


Door reopens on airline incentive scheme

The government has left the door open to recalling its decision to freeze an incentive scheme supporting airlines to keep Cyprus on schedule through the COVID and the Ukraine war. In comments

Kiosks reject cashback scheme

While the cashback programme at retail stores is gaining ground in Cyprus, kiosk owners refuse to participate in the scheme, claiming that it could endanger the viability of small businesses. So far,

Cyprus extends airline incentive scheme

The Cabinet approved a six-month extension of an incentives scheme to airlines to combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Cyprus connectivity. Transport Minister Yiannis Kasouros said Tuesday the six-month extension

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