Insured but not covered

I wrote about an insurance scam published approximately a year ago.  At the time, it created a bit of confusion with some insurance companies) explaining their side of the procedure and others


Spate of PaySafe card scams

Five cases of pre-paid credit card scams have been reported this month, leading to the withdrawal of over €6,600, said police spokesperson Christos Andreou. He urged businesses that sell PaySafe cards to be

Beware of sales scams

Authorities urge consumers to be aware of potential discount scams during the winter sales season. Consumer protection services and watchdog organisations have warned that “loopholes” in legislation leaves room for price manipulation.

Beware of online property auction scams

For those interested in buying real estate through electronic auctions, we keep noting various scams which surface, with the result being the unsuspecting public or buyers being the victims. Initially, the auction