US, UK seek assistance in sanction-busting cases

Authorities are busy investigating cases of Cypriot firms facilitating asset transfers for sanctioned Russian oligarchs, with the UK and US requesting judicial assistance. Following the damning ‘Cyprus Confidential’ leaks, some eight requests

Foot-dragging worsened sanction-busting stigma

Authorities knew Cypriot firms were facilitating significant asset transfers for sanctioned Russian oligarchs months before the damning ‘Cyprus Confidential’ leaks. Government agencies were reportedly aware for eight months about the potential sanctions

‘Zero tolerance’ for sanction busters

Nicosia is giving zero tolerance to Cypriot sanction busters tarnishing the island’s international reputation as a credible financial hub, said government spokesperson Konstantinos Letymbiotis. His statement followed a high-level briefing at the

Sanction busters won’t stain business reputation

Nicosia will not allow sanction busters to blacken the country’s reputation, and the government will not cover anyone enabling Russian oligarchs to bypass Ukraine war sanctions. President Nikos Christodoulides told reporters the

Cyprus allows EU to sanction Belarus officials

EU leaders agreed Friday to impose sanctions on dozens of senior officials in Belarus accused of falsifying presidential election results and cracking down on peaceful protests after Cyprus withdrew its veto threat.