High rents send Greek Cypriot students north

Greek Cypriot students studying in Nicosia are resorting to renting apartments in the Turkish-occupied north, as they can’t afford accommodation in the capital, claimed an MP. At the House Education Committee, centrist

Creating affordable rents

There is a good initiative by the Cyprus Land Development Corporation (CLDC) to offer residential properties for rent at affordable levels. The announcement by this public organisation and others (i.e., Limassol Municipality)


Comparing Cyprus rents, unit sizes

Eurostat recently published interesting statistics concerning the rents of housing units in capitals of European countries where Cyprus rents are reasonable. 2021 CURRENT MARKET RENTS Average rent per month given in the


Soaring rents harm job market

There is a Catch-22 when seeking high-paid jobs, especially in Limassol, where exorbitant rents are a turn-off. This results in people having second thoughts when considering a career move to the fast-paced