Probe into wildcat Berton’s death

The death of Berton the Serval cat, while under state care, has prompted the intervention of Cyprus Attorney General George Savvides, who said allegations of animal abuse must be investigated immediately. “Respect


Probe drags into patients blinded by operation

Cyprus police say they are making headway with investigations into eight private hospital patients operated on for cataracts but presented serious complications due to infection, partially losing their sight. According to the

Probe into ‘police brutality’ at Nicosia demo

Following scenes of police using a water cannon and pepper spray in clashes with anti-corruption protestors, a probe has been launched into whether excessive force was used. Attorney-General George Savvides gave the

All Cyprus passports to investors to be probed

Cyprus Attorney-General George Savvides appointed a four-member investigating committee on Monday to look into all citizenships granted to foreign investors since 2007 when the maligned scheme was launched. Savvides appointed the former