Food, petrol prices push up inflation

Rising food and pump prices took annual inflation higher in September, surging to 4.0%, according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The CPI increased by 1.33 units, reaching 117.67 units, from 116.34


Green tax on petrol prices

No relief for motorists is in sight from hiking petrol prices, as the government is contemplating new fuel taxes as part of a green taxation reform imposed by the European Union. The

Building petrol storage terminal is key

The construction of a petroleum products storage terminal by 2025 is considered a project of exceptional importance for Cyprus’ strategic energy autonomy, said Energy Minister George Papanastasiou. On Monday, he addressed the annual General

EV chargers at petrol stations

The cabinet on Wednesday approved an Energy Ministry proposal to allow petrol stations to install electric vehicle charging points. The move, which will be implemented after an amendment to the existing law


Putting out the fire with petrol

There is a tendency in Cyprus to ignore that resolving social ills are the stitches that enable politics to work. Dogma and theories present wishful thinking of what should be, but reality


Petrol stations fume over public going north

Petrol station owners warn of strike action if President Nikos Christodoulides does not respond to their calls to discuss what they call the “unacceptable and illegal” purchase of petrol from the Turkish-occupied

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