EU disposable income improves

EU annual median disposable income has risen to 18,706 of purchasing power standards per inhabitant from €18,011 PPS, while Cyprus is above the European average. At the national level, the EU countries with the highest


Pay perks for the privileged

The ball of string around the automatic cost of living adjustment on wages is unravelling. The Labour Minister allows more days for opposing sides to submit their final positions on the dispute,


Cabinet to block pay demands before 2023 vote

The Cabinet decided to freeze any new off-budget claims and requests from November 1 until the February presidential elections to ensure fiscal discipline and avert any electoral influence, said Finance Minister Constantinos

Social justice = fair pay

Sadly, discussing a minimum wage or collective labour agreement is only hotly contested as a political tool, leveraged when we have elections. The late Zeta Emilianidou tried throughout her nine years in


Cyprus monthly earnings edge up to €2,267

The average annual, monthly earnings of employees during the fourth quarter of 2020 marginally increased by 0.4% in 2019, while the gender pay gap was 15.7%, according to the Cyprus Statistical Service.

Women in Cyprus paid 10.4% less than men

Women in Cyprus are still paid less than their male colleagues with the gender pay gap at 10.4% but the island is taking baby steps in eradicating gender-based inequality. Although better off