Money trail of secret Abramovich deals

A money trail of a $40 million secret deal associated with Roman Abramovich, a Russian oligarch and -believed- close friend of Russia President Vladimir Putin, has been traced to Cyprus. Despite being


Cyprus football among Europe’s moneymakers

Despite being battered by two years of the pandemic, Cypriot football has emerged fairly unscathed from the coronavirus crisis and back to making serious cash, according to the Cyprus Football Association. CFA

GHS money sink row

Three years after its historic launch, the foundations of the country’s General Healthcare System is shaky, as the government and opposition go head-to-head over allegations of waste. Emotions boiled over at the

Making cross border money transfers easy

New FinTech players are entering the market, presenting end-users with compelling solutions. Innovation appears to be coming from outside the traditional banking sector, especially for mobile and internet payments. FinTech companies offer


The future of digital money

By Marios Charalambides & Alexandros Vacanas The launch of Bitcoin in 2008 and the blockchain technology behind it has unveiled to the world of finance a new revolutionary decentralised operating infrastructure. The