Producers enter Kosher market

An increase in Kosher products on the island, combined with the opening up of the once protective Israeli market, has widened prospects of Cypriot exports to the neighbouring country. The local Jewish

Blue wave swamps transfer market

Chelsea didn’t take long to trigger a barrage of criticism and envy after it went on a January shopping spree to scoop up Europe’s best young players. Many believe the club has


Natgas market under the weather

The lack of new liquefaction capacity coming online in the US, combined with low additions globally in 2023, stands to pressure the gas market as it grapples with extreme volatility and persistently


Free energy market pushed back

The much-awaited liberalisation of Cyprus’ energy market has been slotted for mid-2023, as the government informed the House it is adding the final touches to the regulatory framework. The Transport Ministry told

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