COVID19: Four deaths, infection rate rises

Cyprus reported four coronavirus deaths on Saturday, as new daily cases receded to under 3,000 with hospitalisations up to 110, of whom 17 are critical. The Health Ministry said in its Covid

COVID19: Four deaths, infection rate stable

Cyprus reported four coronavirus deaths on Saturday as new daily infections continued to drop, to 1,606, together with the rate of hospitalisations and serious cases, down to 152 and 32, respectively. The

COVID19: 1,700 reinfected in ten days

Some 1,700 COVID-19 cases reported in the past ten days involved people who have been reinfected with the virus, while Omicron remains the dominant variant amongst the community, the Health Ministry said

COVID19: Infection rate rockets in New Year

Cyprus reported an alarming coronavirus infection rate of nearly 6% on New Year’s Day, as cases dropped on lower tests, but hospitalisations rose to 187, and there were no deaths. Cyprus could

COVID19: Cyprus infection rate jumps 39%

Cyprus’ COVID infection rate is on the rise as the two-week cumulative case diagnosis rate rose by 39%, according to Friday’s Health Ministry epidemiological report. According to the national epidemiological report compiled

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