First Turkish Cypriot halloumi PDO breaks barriers

The European Commission has awarded the first PDO certificate to Turkish Cypriot Halloumi producers, with the Agriculture Ministry welcoming the development as proof that equal benefits are ensured for all producers. Turkish

Halloumi spinoffs gain PDO status

Dairy producers can make Halloumi spinoffs, such as burgers and fries, under the EU-approved Product of Origin file (PDO), following a decision by the Ministry of Agriculture. The ministry approved the latest


Halloumi generating export gold

Halloumi cheese is considered Cyprus’ white gold worth €1.34 bln in exports from 2017-2021, with revenue expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. According to the Ministry of Commerce data, Cyprus

Halloumi gets its own website

The government has launched an action plan to promote halloumi as a ‘product of designated origin’ (PDO) after the European Commission rubberstamped its authenticity as a Cypriot product. Aiming to boost the

Only PDO halloumi on supermarket shelves

Supermarkets can only sell halloumi, produced under the EU-approved Product of Origin file, as the Agriculture Ministry launches inspections at stores. In comments to the Cyprus News Agency, the head of the

Big halloumi sell-off

This weekend is consumers’ last chance to buy halloumi at discounted prices at supermarkets, as dairy producers offload their last batches of the squeaky cheese that do not comply with the EU

No more halloumi wars

A ceasefire between Halloumi producers and the government comes into effect on Thursday, as an agreement over what makes the cheese special comes into effect. The news comes after dairy producers and

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