Nicosia backs interest rate increase

Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides confirmed that European monetary bodies consider resorting to interest rate hikes to deal with high inflation. Addressing a conference on the future of Europe organised by the Glafcos


Why crypto creators want to stay anonymous

The two lifelong friends from Florida never sought the limelight, but then they built a multi-million-dollar empire selling digital art, and people wanted to know who they were. Under the pseudonyms “Gargamel”


 Blockchain can revolutionise businesses

The emerging blockchain technology became known through Bitcoin, the first practical application of this technology. However, the prospects of blockchain technology do not stop at cryptocurrencies. Around the world, companies from all


Banking on the future

Banks are lifeless institutions in concrete buildings. What determines ‘bank policy’ is the management of a bank, not its chairs, desks, walls or ATMs. A necessary clarification is required to explain why


Take charge of your IBAN

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is a standard account number structured according to the specifications issued by the European Committee for Banking Standards (ECBS) and the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).


Stick to the 28/36 rule

Rising prices have been a major topic of discussion over the past few weeks. In essence, however, individuals can do little to mitigate the effects of rising fuel and commodity prices on

Changing environment for banks

The pandemic has caused new turmoil and highlighted the ongoing concerns within the European Authorities about the Union’s banking system. The turmoil accelerated the reassessment and upgrading of the operating rules of