Cyprus emissions and EAC faulty filters

While Cyprus is expected to pay more than €100 mln in fines for emissions released by its power plants, the Electricity Authority of Cyprus has come under scrutiny over failing filter systems

Cyprus paying for inaction to go greener

DThe war in Ukraine and sanctions on invading Russia have been feeding an already brewing energy crisis, in ways that could not have been foreseen. However, environmentalists and consumer associations argue that


EuroAsia cable to cut 20% CO2 emissions

Two key energy projects, the EuroAsia Interconnector subsea electricity cable and importing natural gas for power generation, will end the energy isolation of Cyprus and reduce emissions. Both goals align with EU

No end in electricity bills hike

Consumers in Cyprus should not get carried away by a 10% discount on their next two electricity bills, due to rising penalties the Electricity Authority has to pay for the right to