400 caught by traffic cams daily

Some 400 motorists are reported every day for traffic violations by the island’s recently introduced traffic camera network, the police said on Wednesday. According to a report prepared by the Traffic Department,

Pericleous murder trial on June 6 without body

Cyprus Police have filed the alleged murder case of 31-year-old Angelos Pericleous with the Nicosia Criminal Court, despite not finding the victim’s body or a murder weapon. Premeditated murder charges have been

Four more held over Sigma TV attack

Police remanded four more people Monday afternoon in connection with the attack on media group Dias on Sunday night, after a protest by anti-vaxxers against COVID-19 vaccines and the SafePass turned violent.

‘Justice minister must go’ says opposition

The three main opposition parties have called for Cyprus Justice Minister Emily Yiolitis to resign and take responsibility for the excessive use of force by the police during a peaceful demonstration on