Consumers heading for Easter price jolt

Cypriots can expect an Easter shock as food prices rise, according to the latest survey by the Consumer Protection Service, while market stakeholders warn of further hikes. According to the Commerce Ministry’s


Consumers report shady Black Friday deals

Cypriot consumers are reporting shady pricing practices ahead of Black Friday by shops, said the Commerce Ministry’s consumer protection service. In comments to CyBC, the service’s spokesperson Anastasia Stylianidou said they had

Don’t fall into Black Friday ‘traps’

Consumers are urged to do their homework and research online before heading to stores hunting for bargains on Black Friday. The Cyprus Consumers Association has issued guidelines for shoppers, warning them not

Economic sentiment at 17-month low

Economic sentiment deteriorated in August to a 17-month low, as the University of Cyprus index decreased by 4.5 points from July amid a cost of living crunch. The decrease in the ESI-CypERC

Cypriot shoppers stick to essentials

With higher prices at supermarkets and petrol pumps, Cypriot consumers are changing their shopping habits, limiting their spending to essential items, say retailers. In May, the Statistical Service said Cyprus saw its


Cost of living continues to bite

Cypriot consumers are being hit by one nasty shock after another, as prices for basic foodstuffs increase from 10% to over 100% in just a few months, with demand for government intervention

No stopping soaring petrol prices

Consumer organisations have raised concerns over the hike in prices at the petrol pumps as another increase hits the already worn-out pockets of motorists. Petrol is sold up to seven cents more

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