More electric shocks for consumers

Cypriot consumers were warned to brace themselves for more hikes to their electricity bills, as the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) said they expect increases in line with an upward trend in

Consumers want fuel, electricity subsidies back

The Cyprus Consumer Association is demanding the government reinstates two subsidy schemes for fuel and electricity, scrapped in July, as the cost-of-living spirals. The association’s chair Marios Drousiotis is warning that higher

Consumers heading for Easter price jolt

Cypriots can expect an Easter shock as food prices rise, according to the latest survey by the Consumer Protection Service, while market stakeholders warn of further hikes. According to the Commerce Ministry’s


Consumers report shady Black Friday deals

Cypriot consumers are reporting shady pricing practices ahead of Black Friday by shops, said the Commerce Ministry’s consumer protection service. In comments to CyBC, the service’s spokesperson Anastasia Stylianidou said they had

Don’t fall into Black Friday ‘traps’

Consumers are urged to do their homework and research online before heading to stores hunting for bargains on Black Friday. The Cyprus Consumers Association has issued guidelines for shoppers, warning them not

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